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Data Analytics Services

We can help you analyze your data to figure out a better path forward

Data analytics pertain to many different domains, our help focus on businesses in government and commercial industries. We lookat the integration, aggregation, and analyzing of various data types from multiple data sources in the healthcare space to address their most deliberate needs at department and enterprise levels.

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  • Identifying demand drivers, consumer demand forecasting and planning. 
  • The power and value in streamlined items master file sanitizing.
  • Supplier performance monitoring and evaluation. 
  • Predictive forecast optimization. 
  • Determining optimal level of inventory to meet the demand and prevent stockouts, inventory planning and management.
  • Identifying patterns and trends throughout the supply chain for enhanced supply chain risks management.
  • Real-time asset monitoring and tracking. 
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance, developing asset maintenance strategies. 
  • Planning asset investments. 
  • Asset usage analytics, planning and scheduling asset modernization, replacement, and disposal strategies.
  •  Patient health condition monitoring, condition-based alerting.
  • Patient treatment optimization.
  • Assessment of patient risks and personalized care plan recommendations.
  • Proactive care (defining trends and patterns in patient condition requiring a doctor’s attention).
  • Fraud detection in healthcare insurance.
  • Medical staff workload prediction and work shifts optimization.
  • Optimization of clinical space and equipment usage.