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Hospital Supply Chain Services

Medical Logistics Services

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This service is designed to help you manage resources needed to deliver goods and services to your customers the consumer of medical supplies and services.

Additionally, we help remove the complexity and reduce fragmented processes by integrating and streamlining activities. Cutting healthcare costs has become a mantra for many hospitals and physician practices.

Many organizations have looked to the billing and services portion of the revenue cycle for budget decreases, but others have started to examine closely with great scrutiny their healthcare supply chain management healthcare activities, and that’s where we come in. If you are facing budgetary restraints let us help you find ways to more with less, streamline, and be more efficient.

There are many areas you could review, but what is needed is a comprehensive assessment of your complete operation and roadmap to get better at what we do as Logisticians

The goal of our procurement management services can save our customers between 10 to 30% on procurement costs annually, 

Procurement Management Services

Our procurement management services can save our customers upward of 30% on procurement costs annually, by consolidating supplier base purchases, fine tuning item master file, driving contract compliance, and managing tail spend. every spend will be reviewed against strict guideline of agreed upon business rules.

Procurement Management

Our collective knowledge and body of work with the entire acquisition life-cycle helps us to assist our customers with developing acquisition strategies, techniques, tactics, and procedures (STTP’s), to meet unique program needs while adhering to strict budget, deadline and regulatory requirements.  

All engagements with government partners will be with an experience Subject Matter Expert.